Abstract Glass Art

In The Form Of Guitar Sculptures

One-of-a-kind glass art sculptures that incorporate the body of an acoustic guitar as canvas is a natural fit for bold and expressive work. Artist, Amy Voss, is passionate about discovering new ways to hone her work. At times, she has incorporated gold leaf into the background of some of her designs to add a subtle shimmer. Other times, she has experimented with neon lights to add depth to her canvas. Most recently, she started using electric guitars in addition to her original acoustic guitars. 

Glass Guitar Art For Self Expression

Beyond their initial interest, our glass guitar art sculptures symbolize the essence of self-expression. Amy’s goal is to create unique pieces of abstract glass art that speak to you. These guitars that can hang in your home will be reminders of music that has brought you joy, memories from a vacation, or simply be pleasing to look at each day. Our homes or more than four walls with a roof, instead, our homes are where we live our lives and so they should be filled with art that brings us joy.

Reach out to Amy directly at amyvoss@yahoo.com to learn more about pricing and availability.

The Process of Creating Abstract Guitar Art

To create an abstract glass art sculpture, or ’glass axe,’  Amy works in painstaking detail to apply glass, glass ‘frit,’ grout, and resin (and sometimes additional details such as gold leaf) to a guitar’s body and neck. Each piece takes about two weeks to finish. First, Amy’s process begins with an acoustic guitar – stripping off the strings and bridge, and preparing the surface for glass and adhesive. From sheets of glass, Amy hand cuts various shapes and sizes, and lays out each piece on the guitar canvas to define the primary design. 

Next, using a Dremel rotary tool, Amy smoothes the rough edges. After the initial design is intact, Amy applies ‘frit,’ ultra-fine particles of glass, in careful layers to create depth and texture. The frit process is hyper-detailed and requires precise application with small tools such as a toothpick to manipulate the glass. Typically, Amy uses grout, finely applied with a paintbrush, to unite the design. Next, residual grout is meticulously removed from the surface with a toothpick and a lint free cloth. Finally, grouted edges are reinforced with resin, and the piece is complete.

What Gives Our Guitar Art Sculptures An Edge

Each abstract guitar sculpture in our collection is truly unique and inspired by the amazing people, artists, and places in Amy’s life. As an artist, Amy loves the challenge of using unique colors, designs, and materials to create pieces that evoke feeling and awe. If you have an idea you’d like brought to life and showcased in your home you can request a commissioned piece by emailing Amy Voss directly at amyvoss@yahoo.com.

You Can Also View Many Of These Guitars As Prints