Meet Amy Voss

Amy grew up in Houston, TX and is a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  After graduating college, Amy worked in the entertainment industry, as Southwest Promotions Director for Lyric Street Records, Affiliate Relations Director for ESPN Radio, and then ABC Television network.  After leaving her 10-year corporate career to take on the joys (and challenges!) of motherhood, Amy discovered her passion for working with glass, an activity that channeled her love of music into an art form.  A self taught artist, Amy experimented with various approaches before she landed on her signature style: One-of-a-kind glass sculptures that incorporate the body of an acoustic guitar as canvas—a natural fit for her bold and expressive work. In 2009, she launched Glass Axes to both sell bespoke works, and educate customers about her process. Many of Amy’s guitar sculptures have been acquired by private collectors, including entertainer Katy Perry, and renowned entertainment industry execs; as well as hotels and restaurants.  Amy currently resides in Dallas with her husband and son.


To create a guitar sculpture, or ’glass axe,’ Amy works in painstaking detail to apply glass, glass ‘frit,’ grout, and resin (and sometimes additional details such as gold leaf) to a guitar’s body and neck, each piece taking about two weeks to finish. Amy’s process starts by prepping an acoustic guitar – stripping off the strings and bridge, and preparing the surface for glass and adhesive.  From sheets of glass, Amy hand cuts various shapes and sizes, and lays out each piece on the guitar canvas to define the primary design.  Using a Dremel rotary tool, Amy smoothes the rough edges. With the initial design intact, Amy applies ‘frit,’ ultra-fine particles of glass, in careful layers to create depth and texture. The frit process is hyper-detailed and requires precise application with small tools such as a toothpick to manipulate the glass. Typically, Amy uses grout, finely applied with a paintbrush, to unite the design. Residual grout is meticulously removed from the surface with a toothpick and a lint free cloth. Grouted edges are reinforced with resin as the final step, and the piece is complete.

Amys creative process has evolved over the years—her interest and passion drives her to discover new ways to hone her work. Recently, in place of grout, she has incorporated gold leaf into the background of some of her designs to add a subtle shimmer.  In 2022, in addition to her guitar sculptures, Amy began working with used skateboard decks, an additional canvas that broadens the scope of her inspired designs.

 Glass Axes – The Sculpture Process

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